Wednesday, November 5, 2008

virtually just shy of Pittsburgh

This year I've been keeping a bike-log on my Treo650, on a program called called Dataviz Sheet to Go. Basically excel for a hand-held. Since this is my blogs, the spreadsheet was the first real practical application I used on a computer back in the visicalc days. Sure I could type & edit on text word processors, but the automatic cypherin, when one number changed all numbers---too cool. Especially when somewhere deep in your brain a faulty anode really likes to track can be a problem. Oh yeah, now I really like crossword puzzles. And I shave my ears. But I digress

As I was saying, I just updated the October ride log when I looked at the total for the year so far:

Total Miles: 2,308
Total Rides: 128
Total Hours: 150.3
Commutes: 32.5* (I had to throw the bike in a pals truck to make it home one time)
Biggest Month: January 2008-295 Miles
Shortest Month: June 2008 with 111 Miles.
Tarmac #'s: 31 rides for 985 Miles
Fixie #'s: 51 rides for 542 Miles
Trek #'s: 17 rides for 311 Miles
I am 617 miles ahead of where I was last year
Other rides include 2 on my MTB, 1 on vacation, various at Spin classes, hotels, etc.

I ride the Tarmac less, but when I ride it, I go much longer
I ride the fixed gear varsity more, but the rides are much shorter.
I'm way ahead of last year, but still could ride a lot more.
I still weigh the's all about what I put in my mouth and peanut butter is my vice. And my dark master.....Saison Brett

I have been keeping track on the map on the wall in my office, starting from Los Angeles and traveling east along Interstate 70, I'm about 370 miles short of New York City. And I'm gonna make it. The goal was 200 miles per month and 2 commutes per month. I'm almost at 60 miles per week average and 3 commutes per month. As a traveling guy, that equates to almost 23% of the days I am available in my office.

This has been a pretty good year riding for me and I hope to put in more winter miles. Am curious to know if anyone else logs miles, and how far are you across the country, or have you already been there and back? Inquiring minds want to know.

And Brady---do as Eddy Mercxx says: ride lots.


brady said...

Hey - I started shaving my ears recently, too.

Anyway, good job on surpassing your training goal. I especially admire you for hitting 23% of your available office days. That's quite a number considering how much energy traveling expends. That's quite a commitment.

I use to keep track of my running miles. Religiously. But since then, in addition to continuing to run 3x/week, add in cycling (3.5), swimming (2.5x) and lifting (2x) ... it just became too much. Prolly for my betterment, it's all gone to crap.

However, when I put a race on the calendar, I'll be more diligent on training metrics.

But for your benefit, an estimate:
1) Commute (40 weeks x 3.5 x 12mi = 1,680 mi)

2) Group Rides & Races (10 mos x 1.5 x 50mi = 750mi)

Total estimate till date = 2,430 miles - in which case, you're behind me by about five hours. So quit blogging about it and get on the saddle, buddy! :-)

murphini said...

I'm impressed, amazed, incredulous and doubting-thomasesque that you've ridden that far. 3.5 times commutes per week? Prez Reagan says Trust AND Verify.

Sure, you ride, run and swim too much. I'll agree with you there. But you're saying you're in State College PA whilst I'm in Pittsburgh? Horse Hockey.

If you religiously track your mileage like I religiously attend mass, you may miss a few times...even though your intentions are good.

brady said...

Trust and Verify: you're probably right. Firstly, there are the three weeks I was in Singapore that I included in my estimate. And then there's the weekly average # of commutes: in truth, I've probably averaged closer to 1.5 to 2 rides per week for the year.

Yeah, you're way ahead of me. I'm likely somewhere in Oklahoma or the rolling hills of Kansas. What am I doing writing about it? I should be on the saddle playing catch up.