Thursday, October 9, 2008

Busted: Ride Recap: Oct 8th 2008

I was wondering why all the cars were stopping on both sides of the road for the police siren that was loudly behind me. Being the dutiful bike rider, I too stopped. The cop went past me and stopped on the road ahead of a car that stopped...the one I thought he was pulling over, so I started again, when the siren went off. Again. Busted. He pointed at ME.

It was really Prosser & Dutcher's fault for turning right at the 4 way stop from southbound Woodland to westbound College without really/truly stopping. It was maybe my fault for jumping in behind them. And it was definately Wade's fault for jumping in behind me, riding on his titanium cyclocross bike with carbon 4 blade spoke wheels. He and his rig is what got us busted.

The officer was pretty direct at first saying that while we had rights to use the road, but we had to follow the SAME rules that cars have to follow. We normally do, this was sort of a "St. Louis rolling stop" or the old "no cop/no stop".

He took our names and birthdates to make sure there were no warrants out for our arrest. Wade tried to confuse him by not really saying if Wade was his first or last name, but we ultimately escaped with a warning. We almost got BT to come up and act as our attorney, but didn't want to keep pay his retainer. Truth be told, the cop was a good guy, and was correct. He let us off with a warning. (Somehow Prosser's rap sheet was wiped clean....). BT, Mark, Austin & Rapp just huddled back about 20 yards giggling at Prosser, Dutcher, Wade and myself. Properly chagrined, we restarted the ride.

Rest of the ride was scattered. After the cop/stop, we broke into a few groups;

Dutcher and I hammered Valley Parkway, then Wade, Mark, BT and Prosser rode together, Austin & Rapp/BamBam were behind--didn't realize Rapp was held back by the cop until all the traffic cleared.

As the other guys were already far ahead, I rode in with Rapp & Austin back way on 95th/Prairie Star then DOWN the 8% grade Woodland. Rapp hit new alltime speed on his bike--38.9mph. I hit 42.7mp. They then took the MillCreek trail back to the cars, I rode north on Woodland to Martindale to meet up with the other guys.

Once I metup with Prosser and Dutcher, we rode south again and went back UP the 8% grade on Woodland, and I won King of the Mountian. "Won" isn't really the right was uncontested. I arrived ahead of them because they didn't try to beat me. So what if Prosser had ridden all weekend in Moab Utah, and Dutcher had led for the last hour of hard riding, and I had ridden 10 miles less, most of it at below lactate threshold....a win is a win, even when it isn't.

Afterwards, KOC met us in the parking lot on his way home from Omaha. His weekend wounds are healing nicely and he was recovered enough to join us at Johnny's for some post ride replenishments.

I learned a few things:
-Two wrongs don't make a right, but turning right on a road can be wrong
-Like in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, it's always good to travel with your attorney
-Any King of the Mountian Points are good, even when they are uncontested
-BT has a new POSLQ
-I like the carbohydrate replenishment.


moralfiber said...

What did you learn from the cop?? Did you stop at the remaining stop signs? I learned to look harder for cops when rolling through stop signs!

murphini said...

I learned to stop at the lights and stay the heck away from(ahead of) smart alec guys riding titanium cyclocross bikes with carbon 4 bladed forks!

And I learned to ride to 119th where the traffic is much less.

prossx said...

I'm so fast its criminal
Radar clocked me going hypersonic
When a cop rolls up, pedal faster
So Dut and I blew a few more red lights and octagons...cause that's how we roll.
Bad influence.

JB said...

what a bunch of pussies! who pulls over for a cop, especially on a bike? freakin' greenhorns!
i sell fake IDs and SS# for just said circumstance. I take PayPal
none of you Fiddilin' Nancies are fast enough to illicit ANY police intervention.
Murph- you wanna see who is KOM? Invite me, please invite me!
BT- retainer= Do We, Cheatum, & Howe
Murph- *newsflash* You're Irish! Stop bastardizing your name. Your worse than the dweeb on Breaking Away

PROUD Irishman

prossx said...

My wicked fast SKC road kit got me pulled over. No? Guess I need to join 3-sexy.


murphini said...

First: We have invited you. Repeatedly. I would like to show you my "hill skills*" as no doubt I would toast you. Just ask Prosser as he was my latest victim.

*Of course, I'm talking about my downhill skills where I draft and use my superior weight which has been fortified by Irish beer and foods, coupled with my Italian wheels that you your-own-self sold me to flash on by. Climbing is for weenies.

Second: I know know why Prosser's rap sheet was clean with his new ssn fake id.

Third: That dweeb on breaking away got this for his trouble acting Italian. Out of his league? Yes. Did he get it? Yes.

I'm Irish when it comes to Guiness, Bushmills Black, U2 and Shepard's Pie.